Little by Little

18 11 2009

Welcome it is really nice that you have come to visit!

How are you feeling today?  It is a good day or a difficult day?  Feeling happy, content and fulfilled or feeling stressed or depressed?

I believe as do some other people that the financial crisis we have been experiencing is bringing us onto the brink of what in the long term will be positive change.  This site is about relaxing into that and learning to use it for your own benefit over time.

Each person has at least one special talent and due to our commercial world sometimes they do not have the opportunity to use it.  These talents are often hidden in a dark cupboard covered with dust so much so that they have almost been forgotten about.  Of course there are the lucky ones who get to use their talents in their every day life.  Whether in their work or nurturing in their home.

Remember you are special. Even though you may not feel it due to the pressures of everyday life in a fast changing and challenging world.

Find a way that you are comfortable with to inspect what it is that you wish to change in your life.   This could be by writing down the ideas on a piece of paper, leaving it for a while and coming back and continuing your brainstorming.  It can be with affirmations which are basically positive statements which can be said out loud or if you find this too weird do it in thought form.

Little by little you will begin to feel that the change is possible. This takes different lengths of time for different people.  Be patient it will happen as essentially with these practices you are re-programming your brain.

Ideally try to have fun with it so it is light and you can enjoy the journey.  The moment will come when you feel that Click, like the way when you are learning something new and eventually it really falls into place.